Art after “Anything Will Do”

Art after Anything Will Do is a piece of writing that I (and it maybe a collaboration) am proposing.

In the paper I will establish the current state of the mainstream artworld and its art.  I will discuss some of the cultural changes from the late 60’s to present day (capitalism) and how the call for romanticized Avant Garde Idealism isn’t quite the way to go about it, but how a reminiscent  ideal of it still exists through the collective artist groups that have and still exist before us. Ultimately I’m hoping to discuss how we can take from this and use it try to reshape the genre of ‘contemporary’ art into something that we really want, and really care about. 

– Theorist + Artist reference, Kosuth, Agamben, PAD/D + groups like, C.A.a.D, hans Haacke, Lippard, Reinhardt etc. 


Obviously this is merely a thrown together proposal, but i’m sick of talking about stuff – I wanna write something awesome. Something that really says and stands up for something. like artists used to in magazines such as studio international, or artforum in the 60’s and 70’s. where did that go?

If I practice all this shit now, maybe when im a real bum with my macbook in 10 years i might just get something published in a magazine. who knows?

perhaps 10 years is too generous? lol oh well. goals!


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