Ever get this…

(one of THEM posts again)

That you look over your work, or an essay… or perhaps even maybe just something simple like an email  and gone

OH MY GOD! WTF am I doing?

Well not so much in those words, but I’m just deciding on what work to put forward for my Skowhegan application – and I’ve uploaded one image, thought i’LL upload the work in context next… after I do it next week – and then it hit me like a tun of bricks. DUDE WHAT ARE YOU DOING? You can’t be serious? I’m gonna ruin the reputation of my amazing references names (M. Corris and M. Sawon), I’m gonna be a joke. Oh god. But I’ve gone too far to decide not to go through with this. I’ll see it through… but you know you would think I get sick of being rejected by now?  [think of the MoMA internship application in jan this year – what bullshit was that?]

I have to admit, although I keep applying for this stuff knowing tha I’ll be rejected or simply (even worse) ignored… It is starting to get tiredsome. When will it be my time? What the fuck does it take to become the artist that I wanna be?

Someone out there just give me a chance yo!


On another note:

Interesting work from illustrator, Benbo George.

benbo george art artist

benbo george art artist

benbo george art artist

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