Smizz’s xmas agenda to do list!

in no particular order:

-Hang out with the DONX Crew = peeps from school who I can care to see.

-Read at least 4 books before I get back to college.

-Catch up on my movie going and DVD watching.

-Take my mother to see Changeling and make her like it. 

-More museum stuff.

-Finish and send off my Skoghagan application

do more studio practice!!!!!!!!!

-Write my statements of intentions to many NYC places.

-Think of back-ups.

– Think about the art festival [art-open] that CAaD has like 6 weeks to produce!

– Start a sit-in revolutionary stance – like the New School did in NYC

– Wite my artist statement

– Write some reviews and write up transmission notes

– Finish and fess over my MA research proposal methodology shit presentation on “alternative spaces and impossible architecture within the art world”.

-Enjoy New Year’s Eve.


– Have fun?>

– put together a money saving/making plan…. and plan a trip somewhere- like Barcelona for 35 quid return in Feb.

-Get ready for WICKED Musical in Feb

-buy Jenny a birthday present

-plan my 21st birthday

– plan for an awesome intimate dinner party in sheffo

-read some more and blog fuunnier and more interesting stuff

-think of some awesome new years resolutions… coming soon!

– chase up alllllllll the post that has been lost within these 2 week. totally not happy about it.

– Read some more shizzle fo shizz

that’s it for now. if i can get at least half of this done then that be awesome!

Published by smizz

I've had this blog since I was 17. I use it process thinking & work. It's changed with how my life has changed. Artist → Re-evaluating life→ Rad Oncology graduate + public health worker→ @lab4living PhD-er → Want 2 make a positive difference → Rule-Breaker → LIVE DRAWZ! → councillor! → Loves cities → rides fixie → adventures → wanna be ramen master → <3 Tokyo + NYC

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