New School,NYC, in Exile….

The New York Schools in Exile Occupation
The original idea of the University in Exile, and the New School in general, was to be a safe-haven for academic freedom and scholarship free of oppressive political regimes, be they in Europe or America, and to be a center for critical engagement with important issues of our times. It was known for its deep thinkers, its innovative academics, and its committment to social and political justice as a bedrock of all other scholarship. The New School, under its current administration, is no longer able to fulfill that role of critical engagement and dissent. This continued betryal of our founding principles cannot be tolerated any longer, and the time has come to revive the University in Exile. This is a call for student action!

University in Exile Occupation Wins Major Victory
over University Administration in 3rd Day (3 am)

After more than two weeks of concerted actions, students in the occupation were able to win significant victories in the ongoing struggle to improve the New School. Those concessions include an agreement not to press charges or impose academic punishments, the implementation of a Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) committee within the university, more autonomy and power for Student Senate to communicate with the student body, more representation on the Board of Trustees for students and faculty, and finally the creation of more student study space on campus. A full list of the final demands between the student negotiators and the administration will be posted here shortly! In solidarity. This struggle will continue. This is one more step. Onward.


Hi to all!
I’m Angelo from Aarhus, Denmark.
On another mailing list we spoke about the need to have a common web
site where inform the italian people about what’s going on around the
europe and also to inform the people around the europe about what’s
going on in Italy.
We finished to build this web site ( a
couple of days ago and we want to give an administrator account for
each city where we are. In this way we can have a common space where
we can take information and discuss about demostrations, common
documents, meeting and dates.
If you’re interested you can contact me and we can speak about all of
I hope to read something from you as soon as possible.
Not a step backwards!

Angelo – Aarhus – Collettivo ErasmusInMovimento

P.s. Speak about this project on all the mailing lists, forums, etc.
which you know!

And what are we doing at SHU? Nothing as per usual. pssssccct! Sheffield is far too small town for smizzy now.

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