My list of favourite artists/designers/film makers etc.

I’ve decided to do a big count down 2 smizz’s favourite artists/film makers/ designers/ architects etc…. In no particular order: Here’s one amazing dude to start it off!


Trained as a Modernist and the originator of his own self-proclaimed, Anarchitecture, Gordan Matta- Clark was a beacon for me as a I started to transform and buy into post-modernism. His stripped walls and chopped facades offered me the physical proof that the beauty is in the flaw and that art and design can be found everywhere and not necessarily by just those trained to do so. Beauty is time and utility and wear and erosion.

His restaurant FOOD also revolutionized the Soho, downtown art scene giving a daytime social scene to what was already a very strong night scene. He can be attributed in part to making every foreigner on earth coming here to buy something from the Burton and John Varvatos shops, as I am told.


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