trash run

When I was at camp last summer 07 on the sandy island, NH -USA working as a Workshop Artist, the “shop boys” who were maintence (very gender role isn’t it?) used 2 do the trash run. That is something that I felt glad that I didn’t have 2 endure when I was there.

When I lived at Wesley House in my first year, our house was just a mess anyways, and I can safely say that I never took the trash out – but I did put the trash in the bin and tidied up. Last year in our house on Eccy Road, I put the trash out but it was literally a case of a couple steps downstairs.

Now living in my luxury apartment i swear, it’s one of the most disgusting jobs. If you have something yucky you gotta take it down 4 floors, 2 a communal big dustbin area. This means we do a huge trash run each week. But its embarassing because we have like 4 full black bin liners full of trash (where from? I have no idea) and it sticks the life out and changes are is that some1 will get in the lift and the lift will stink. I always hang my head in shame.

Tonight I ran downstairs with a trash bag of M&S smoothie stinking and leaking- with no shoes on. i cant seem 2 get the smell of fermenting fruit off me. But hey!

Moral here is, dont do trash runs, just chuck it out the window. i feel this could be my next step 😉


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