New York Times Parody + what smizz needs…

I need to get on one of those lists where publishers and magazines send you books and dvds for free, and exhibition tickets so you can check them out and then maybe perhaps review them. Does anyone know how to do that??

Anyways more important things:

SE might stand for “Special Edition”, and this definitely caught my eye in the morning circulation of blogs in the internet in an attempt to procasonate the element of work. At first, I was like “Whaaa??? Obama works FAST!” Then I noticed some typographic differences between this SE and the real thing and realized it was a spoof publication. But a VERY well executed one. Even their website is believable. No one has taken credit for this but many people think its the handy work of The Yes Men group. The Yes Men is a group that exposes, perhaps deviously, the nastiness of powerful evildoers. They call it “Identity Correction.”

Millions of papers were handed out mainly in the cities of Los Angeles and New York.
About 1.2 million papers of New York Times were handed out by volunteers. The hoax paper has 14 pages of detailed content. It took six months to be created. The printing of the paper was done at six dissimilar places and then it was handed out to thousands of volunteers to give out the paper to the public at large. The date of the paper is identified as July 4, 2009. Catherine Mathis, the spokeswoman of New York Times said that the news was completely absurd and the management would surely deal with the matter.  This is a kooool thing. Go who ever did it!

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