SOooo so busy

Ah yeah. Life is chaotic. How to mix sleep, work, reading and partying together?

It’s a tough one. What have I been up to this past week? Well Monday I did some food shopping, started my new piece of work on the editing suites at college, after I got bored of that I went to the library to get myself some books – one of which is Smithsons collection of writings. To help inspire my writing thing. Afterwards, I went to the new building which SHU have spent £26 million on building to take pictures for my proposals for curation modual. Except I was threatened by the security guy, apparently we’re not allowed to take pictures because I could put them on the internet and give SHU bad publicity.

My responce was… I don’t need pictures. SHU does it perfectly without my help.

Afterwards, I had E-crit and that was the end of the evening. I sat and chatted to my housemates. Tuesday we had crit group. In our space it is absolutely FREEZING. 3 hours in there made sure I couldn’t go back. So I went to give blood, and they fucked up. And I did some reading in the library and went to my curation lesson. That finished about 7ish and we went for a drink afterwards. I didn’t get in till late… that was the rest of my evening plans down the drain. I managed to burn the midnight oils and bang out our themed text for the Biennial

Wednesday is always full of lessons, we had transmission and then I went to Shivvers house food and we went to Jack’s suprise birthday party. I didn’t get in till VERY late.

Thursday I was poorly, (no not hungover lol) So I didn’t get up till 11. I helped Nat do her work in the recording studio, scanned the readings in for E-crit and held our Contemporary Arts as Dialogue meeting. That went on for hours. Which was great. When I got home I just chilled out.  I did a little work.

Friday I got up early. Had an unproductive interview at a gallery. They told me that I wouldn’t really have that much responsibility. I ain’t really down with voluntary work without any excitement. I then had this crazy debate for 2 hours, gave Brendan a tutorial for his dissertation about Agamben and tried to think up some ideas for mine and Shivvers collaboration for Art Invasion. We ate califlower cheese and went to do an art pub quiz. I came back and chilled out.

Saturday Got up late and I started my application/cover letter for the Long Island Socrates Sculpture Park.  My mom came 2 see me so we went drinking, ate indian food whilst watching X Factor. It was an awesome night

Sunday I finished the application, but didnt get up till later. Started new work. Produced a piece for ECrit. Watched some shit TV. Read abit and had a laugh with my housemates.


This week is DEFINIATELY going to be MORE PRODUCTIVE. 2moz I’m finishing my new piece. I will finish my proposal, During in the week I gotta start a new proposal, secure an idea for Art Invasion. Get my Euro’s for Berlin, read more, finished 2 reviews. read for my research practice. go 2 3 events. And whatever else pops up.

Untill then something interesting:



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