ghosts in sheffield

So we live in this ‘luxury’ apartment on the dodgy side of town, on the same side of Park Hill flats, just over the bridge to castle square and castle market. Our apartment was built this year. Everything inside is new, and no one lived in it previously. We are the apartment blocks first residences.

As with any student living and clony luxury apartments, our flat is clinical and the same as everyone elses with only our belongings giving it a face of a individuality and a homeliness.

So it comes as a BIG suprise when Richie claims we have ghosts.


Last Monday we went to Birmingham for the Art Monthly panel debate on Art&Educations future. we caught the 10:03 train home, which was actually delayed by about an ahour so I didn’t get home till about 12:30am the next day. I was just having my 2 minutes to myself on the sofa when I hear richie squel and run out of his room… this is rare. Nothing really makes richie run other than perhaps…. well I’m not sure.

He flys the door wide open, covered in his blanket which makes him look like the “wizarding bitch” and says in a panty manner that he has just seen a ghost. Now I’m a believer… but we’re living on the 6th floor of a brand new clinical building. The only thing that’s watching us is the 24 hour office cameras that are awaiting that moment when we accident damage something and they can charge us big bucks $$.

I ask if he’s been drinking… again. He’s like, in his broad Rotherham accent, “Nooooooo Smizz. It was like grey smoke infront of me. even when I went ta turn on ta light., like … i turned round and it wo still there innit!”

So Jenny and I went 2 check it out so he could go 2 sleep. He then comes up with this bright idea of doing that Most Haunted crap and taking pictures in the dark to see if orbs appear. So cynical smizz steps up to the task of doing this – and there were shit loads. So I totally freakout and try and clumsily fiddle with the lighst which didnt turn on straight away. We then investigated the house, and the lift and corridors, and there were a few in our living room, but mostly in Richies bedroom. Jenny slept with rich for the night. I was too tired to freaky myself out that night.

But turns out our apartment is built on the remainders of Sheffield Castle!?!

In our search for clues we find this: This is like embedded into sheffo history… and I think it’s a perfect example of sheffield!!

sex-crazed ghost drove us from our house of horrors….

was it not house of horrors because of the ghost? or was the sex crazed ghost just toomuch?

Well anyways, i loved that heading and wanted to share it with my blog readers. yaaaaah

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