And I can’t wait

This time next week I will be in San Francisco having an awesome time with about 5 bucks for the whole 2 weeks trip across america.

I had the weirdest thought today. This time last year I was hanging out partying in New Orleans. Imagine if I had decided to do the trip I did last year, this year? I would have been fucked lol. Or I wouldn’t have seen as much of the south as I have done.

It will be my last day of work on Saturday, and although I reckon I’ll miss the people I won’t miss the job at all. Or the slave labour wage. I’m knackered. I’ve worked 5 days straight.. i’m totally workshy. But I’ve been doing other things too like the logo drawing stuff.

Tomoz I’m going to try and get my keys for my apartment, hopefully I can move my stuff in on Sunday. We shall see………


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