architecture: UNSUI and Venice 11th A.B.

unsui’ is the name of a recently completed residence by japanese architect norisada maeda and his
firm n maeda atelier. located in yamato kanagawa, japan, the home’s name translates to ‘mass of soil’.
while the main floor is glass clad and translucent the second floor is a solid mound covered in earth-like
clay. inside the two floors are linked my blob shaped windows installed din the floor. the home also
boasts rounded corners all around. walls merge into walls and floors become walls which then
become ceilings.


‘machine head’ by n maeda atelier

I think it’s pretty dope stuff! I love abit of architecture. It reminds me when I wanted to be an architect when I was aspiring to that Middle Class lifestyle and a yearning to make buildings that stand the test of time inshit city planning days. However, it bored the shit out of me, and ultimately the people and I never really mixed on this foundation of Architecture that I did at Sheffield University as a part,part-time course over a year when I was in 6th form. Because I went to a school in special measures, in a deprived area of south Yorkshire Aim Higher paid for me to do this ‘taster’ which I have a very very low qualification in Architecture now from Sheffo Uni. However the other kids on this course had all been paid by mummy and daddy, and their folks were doctors or laywers and architects. I felt out of place, the course turned out to be a bore and confirmed that yet again.. I gotta be an artist. None-of this tryna engage with arty like subjects. Its gotta be art all the way. Preferably contemporary art too.

But that’s all another story. Everytime I think I can remember all the stuff I’ve done, another thing just appears out ofthe wood work. I wonder if artists who have had alot of exhibitions forget all the places where they have exibited. That would be awesome lol.


Speaking of architecture, some interesting (some not that exciting, interesting nor original designs) archiecture designs in this yearsVenice Architecture 11th Bienalle.

see for yourself, i’llprob be talking about this more as the week goes on.

I can tell ya, none beat last architecture bienalle for the UK. GO SHEFFO MEETS URBAN SPLASH WITH PARK HILL FLATS. some mean, lean architecture design shizzle to be seen

ya hearrrrrd?!


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One thought on “architecture: UNSUI and Venice 11th A.B.

  1. Some pretty wicked stuff there… I love architecture… its so intresting, something practical but artistic… some of this will come in handy for 3rd year work i think… cheers smizz!

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