So I’m totally terrible at doing those kind of games where people describe a word and you have to guess what it is. These types of games are like Taboo or Password. I’m not quite sure why but the obvious never seems to go into my head. So for example. You drive along it : instead of saying Road. I’d be like highway, path, drive… CHILDREN!

Lol. It’s like drew says, I never think of the obvious. I have to make up some blatenly impossible situtation. Like, when we were in London I was stood next to a fountain and I thought, ” Oh shit it’s starting to rain… ” when i turned around and noticed the fountain. I told Drew what I was about to say and he was like… ” oh what wait a minute, you was thinking if it’s only raining in the specific area it must because of a small explotion at a waterplant in South America, and since the wind is a north westly breeze, it will have been blown over formulating this right spot….”

I’m not quite as bad as the above exagrated example… but I have been known to come out with some weird excuse for something completely banal.

This kind of thing happens in the games mentioned above. So it comes as no suprise to me when I’m playing Pictionary that when it’s my turn to draw I end up doing this (infront of Kims parents)

with my left hand because that’s what the game told me to do.

Do you know what it is?

Well it is supposed to be Cockpit.

Yes, I forgot that it was anything to do with a plane. I’m making a packt to myself. I ain’t ever playing boardgames again. lol


Just another typical Smizz moment!


One thought on “pictionary

  1. NO! You have to play again… it was a great drawing, just not what anyone else would have done! LoL… its funny to see what you would come up with…

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