request ad reinhardt to be your friend!

an ambigious title, yes. But it is indeed true… regardless of the fact that Ad is dead, unfortunately, but his art lives on and all that.

I found the weirdest thing this morning, doing my usual weird searching at 2:34 am after watching Into The Wild for the 10000th time. (gets me all excited for my trip 2 the west coast of USA… BECAUSE THE WEST IS BEST!)

Searching for Ad Reinhardt, mainly because my blog comes up in that search and I wanted to see how many pages you have to go through… only to discover something alot more interesting.

Reinhardt has a myspace. As you would expect it, it’s all in blacks and greys.

i mean its not very often you get the chance to request to reinhardt’s friend!Another interesting element to this is the fact that this person who has made this Myspace for Ad has put some sort of fullmoon counter on it. I’ve read alot about Reinhardt but I can’t recall him having some sort of fascination with the full moon… was Reinhardt a werwolf? lol. Does this person know something the artworld does not? hmm i wonder what else Ad would have loved… Pina Colada perhaps?



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