The fresh smell of clean clothes

I have this thing right, I loooooooove the smell of clean clothes. Not just any clean clothes though. Those clothes that have been washed with a really great scented fabric detergent. Like Bold or something. It’s such a good detergent that the smell doesn’t disappear when you put it in the tumble dryer! and you can smell yourself for hours. It makes me happy having such clean clothes, that smell great. I love smelling other people’s clean clothes too. You know who come from a really good cared for house or are non-smokers by their clothes smells! [my sense of smell is the best sense of mine]

I hate it when you wash clothes and it doesnt really smell like you’ve cleaned it at all. you know that they’re clean, but the smell is a realllllllly faded smell of detergent.  The worst is when you go to a lundrette.

Of course living in the UK it means most people have washing machines. But not students. We had a washer this year, but it was shit and we didn’t have a dryer so your clothes would end up smelling like the house (not very nice!). So I’d keep all my washing in this big ass pile and take it home, wash it and dry and bring it back 2 sheffo. This is one of the great things about living at home over the summer. fresh clean washing, but only half of it smells like I want it to. (my mom smokes!)

When I was in NYC, no one owned a washing machine – so it seemed. Our apartment had no lundary facillites, luckily however living in Williamsburg, there was a choice of about 3.

The thing about doing your laundry at Laundromats is that it takes almost an entire day.  You have to stuff your shit in bags, truck the whole pile down the street, and then sit and twiddle your thumbs until it’s done. I learnt on my second week, that the nearest Laundrette was open 24 hours. SCORE. I could party and then come home and do the washing.

Doing laundry is pretty much the most boring shit ever –a total waste of time. Unless, of course, you know where to go.

All of the Laundromats on this list have special features you won’t find at regular places. They make washing fun.

Drink beer, eat food, and wash the stains from your soiled sheets with stand up comedians, williamsburg wanna be punks, and a bunch of crazy swingers from a nearby Sex Cult. Brainwash is the best show in town because it’s the only Laundromat that serves alcohol. Plus, the music is usually pretty rad and the wi-fi is free

Beach Wash
Beach Wash is the only place in brooklyn where you can hang out near the ocean, monitor the missed connections listings on Craigslist, and wash your dirty underpants all at the same time. It loses points for not offering coffee or beer, but you can always pop into nearby Sea Biscuit Cafe for a cup of Joe or just sneak in some Beam and a Diet Coke

Sit & Spin
Sit and Spin was founded by a coven of cross-dressers so all the state of the art washers and dryers are named after famous drag queens. Which seems really strange when you meet the new owners: a really friendly and polite couple of older women. Sit and Spin shares a space with Pete’s Coffee and offers free wi-fi. They also have a huge flat-screen television, specifically purchased for reality television marathons

The Wash Quarters
This place is pretty normal, but it gets points for location:  smack in the middle of hipsterville. It also claims to be “green” and makes a big deal out of wet-washing, whatever that is. Snag a cup of coffee from Ritual Coffee Roasters and park yourself on the patio to enjoy the ass parade as your clothes do their thing

Fiesta Laundromat

Fiesta is a 24-hour spot with wi-fi and a state of the art smoking section (ashtrays nailed to a wooden bench out front). Grab a beer from the liquor store on the corner and nurse your hangover as your party-stained clothes make the rounds.

My nearest Lundrette was cool too, because this type of shit would go down. No Joke, for real.

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One thought on “The fresh smell of clean clothes

  1. Haha… looks fun at your Lundrette. My 2nd year at Uni, I didn’t have a washing machine! So we had to use this shoddy Lundrette down the road from my house… we just used to take our stuff over and leave it there… haha! Sometimes would come back, and someone had taken my stuff out and piled it up on the side…

    The best thing was, the lights were on a timer, so at about 9pm… the lights would go out… but it was still open… made it hard to make sure I got everything out the dryer in the dark… could have left a sock behind for all I know…

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