ESTA Travel Authorization

For those travelling to the USA on the Visa Waiver Program you now, after 12th Jan 2009, have to fill out an electronic  form which will say if you’re allowed to travel on the VWP. From the 1st Agusy 08 it is voluntary to fillit out, I did it because I’m going bizack to the USA on the 9th September, exactly 2 mmonths since I got back from NYC. I like to think I won’t have any problems, but I’m getting scared. It’s only a 2 week vacation and I’m going straight to college – so I have back-ups and reasons to go back ect so in theory I should have no problems, but customs always freak me out.

Anyways I filled out this form, thinking that if I have any problems, then it will say I can’t travel because I’ve used it twice already this year or something. I filled it out on the 1st August, it’s first day – and I some problems. One being it wouldn’t allow me to put the proper expiry date of my passport because it’s 4 months over 10 years (the left overs of my previous passport went on it) So I had 2 knock the 4 months off it, and then it told me that they couldn’t give me authorization straight away.

Well that was me freaking out, so I checked it with my reference number and everything and then it said my application didn’t exist! So rather than completely trippin’, I assumed it must be just technical problems or wha-not.  I remembered today about filling out the application (after booking tickets lol) And I checked it and to my relief, it accepted me. Phewwww!!

Authorization Approved
Your travel authorization has been approved and you are authorized to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program. This does not guarantee admission to the United States; a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer at a port of entry will have the final determination.

Of course, liek it says doesn’t garentee – but it does give me more peace of mind… and this acceptance allows me to travel for 2 years, until I have to reapply – when this will be a necassity travel document. Just another form… to fill out a form… to fill out another form.  How hard is it to be a tourist these days eh!?

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