In the spirit of my Tate street art review coming soon..

Also, it has been 8 days without Coca-Cola. Today I haven’t really had the withdrawl of not drinking it! Which is great! I have also convinced myself that my skin is getting better (i still have spots like I just re-hit puberty) because of the jogging and the amount of water i now drink. I hope it is, and it’s not just me indenial. Jogging is getting somewhat easier. I do an extra 200 metres a day . And I’m really, really getting psyked about San Francisco – I’ve just bought a Guide Book. I forgot the name of a contact that M.C. gave me last week, but I daren’t email to re-ask.  That will have to wait.

Saw this, and really enjoyed it. And no i haven’t forgotten about my London Tales… I just can’t be bothered to recall it all right now. I gotta work monday, tuesday and wednesday. Roll on to when I can just chill.

I also really feel like painting, again. Lets see where it gets me?! Making shit art is better than not making any at all.

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