Taking StreetForm to Brazil

So recently I’ve been trying NOT to contemplate my future in the arts. I’m noticing working 45+ hours a week that I don’t really have much time to make art, which raises an issue. What am I going to do when I graduate? I’m making the assumption that I will need to do a 9-5 job for a while… like 2 years or something, but I still NEED to do my art thing. I have been writing more, but I prefer 2 make art rather than write about it. Whilst in one my procasinating midnight moods, I started searching for funds for StreetForm, and voluntary jobs and art jobs.

I found this website:http://www.creative-corners.com/

which is a not for profit volunteer organisation that specialises in creative projects for creative people in South America.

I’m always trying to make sure StreetForm is for people who don’t necessarily have the opportunity to learn about contemporary art (the more fun stuff such as illustration and graffiti) which ultimately could help them unlock a secret passion… or make them more engaged. For me, it was street-art and hip-hop music that saved me from becoming just another chav.. just another kid with a baby or in drugrealted crime. Graffifi was my link to the legitimate artworld… and I saw sensations at the Saatchi Gallery in London when I was 16 – my first ever real gallery experience… and it changed my life. I knew that this is what I wanted to do… not necessarily pickle sharks and sheeps or write in atent all the people that I have slept with, but to create. To make. To live for a passion and not deny what I love for messily money.

If you already have nothing, you have nothing to loose right? Well I’ve been thinking about as soon as I graduate, I’m leaving the UK fo’ shizz. But I can’t go to NYC because I can’t get a visa and stuff. So… my next place is South America, regardless of the fact that I have never been there anyways. But I think I could set up there. Teach, and make art. My kind of existence. For me, I think that teaching is one of the most rewarding and respectable professions out there. To teach is not only to teach but to learn yourself, to change and create the future. So much power, but not in a power-trip way. Just the power you have as a teacher, you inspire and help. It’s so noble. I know I wouldn’t be who I am without the help of certain teachers you know.

So i’m torn between teaching and art creating, each one is pretty much a fulltime thing. To be a lecturer would be amazing, but I don’t think I’m lecturer material, and you’ve already got the middle class students at the university. I want to help the working class to achieve their dreams to their full potential.


So yeah, overall – Brazil has a community arts centre program which has an openning that would suit something like StreetForm. So you never know, watch this space.

the graffiti in Brazil is really cool too. You can see more of Level’s work here

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