8 stone 6

So I weighed myself I’m 5ft 2 and I weigh 8stone 6 pounds. So about 8 and half stone without my clothes on.

I started my jogging training today and keeping off /cutting down my Coke. Lets see if I can do it? Even if I don’t loose that much weight I’m just wanting to be healthier and tone up abit. I just sit on my ass not using the carbohydrate that I’m eating.

Today it became clear that I haven’t done any hardcore excerise since I stopped going to Areobics or having PE lessons at school. So that’s a very poor 2 year of not doing much. Sure I ride my bike, but this year I chose to catch the bus up 2 Psalter in a morning for 50p cuz it meant I could stay in bed for like 30 minutes more lol..

I did about 1200 metres in total – and it nearly killed me. But I did do it under 4 minutes. impressive no?

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