Nothing more true – best quote ever #6

“ …The avant-garde is arrears. Artists are selling themselves like hot cakes. Art is a good thing. Art education is a holy-schmo business. Artists are jobbing. The lousy government is in this war. One doesn’t know what one can do about it. The art critics are all corrupt. The art critics are the curators and they’re also the art collectors and assistant art dealers too. The good old art words are dead. Things are awful…artists make telephone directions for making art instead of making art themselves. Some people still think the mass media can explain things. Artists are like businessmen.”

Ad Reinhardt from his unpublished notes, published in a book called “Art As Art- the writings of Ad Reinhardt” Page 156, fo shizzle

Published by smizz

I've had this blog since I was 17. I use it process thinking & work. It's changed with how my life has changed. Artist → Re-evaluating life→ Rad Oncology graduate + public health worker→ @lab4living PhD-er → Want 2 make a positive difference → Rule-Breaker → LIVE DRAWZ! → councillor! → Loves cities → rides fixie → adventures → wanna be ramen master → <3 Tokyo + NYC

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