Credit cards and Junk Mail

So with my instant gratification instincts that my generation has been brought up with, I’ve just been accepted for my first Credit Card. I’ve got it to help out with the costs of San Francisco, because well… I’m poor… I don’t get any help from my family and I don’t want money to get in the way of real life [changing] experiences. Why should money be a barrier? I know that it is, pretty much all the time. But hey, you only live once.
I’m constantly battling in my mind, what’s best. To save up and not do what I want, and ultimately just spend it on shit like junk food and bad cds. Or do I live on the edge abit, make a few sacrificies, and go on that vacation, and be in the same position as I was last year. Which means it will take me till Feburary to equal out my over-draft. Not really problem considering that’s only under 5 months to break even lol. But this is really the only opportunity I’ll have, because I’ll be in the ‘real’ world, were you’re only allowed certain amount of holidays and I won’t have an interest free overdraft and I’ll also have more responsibilities.

So I accepted the credit card, for emergencies whilst travelling too (you know, because i might miss my flight… again!!) and it’s only a student credit card.. interest free for 59 days after a purchase. And 14.9% APr which isn’t too bad.

Anyways, since I’ve been accepted and I’ve sent my contract off – All I’ve had is junk mail after junk mail of creditcard offers. And to be honest, they’re not offers. They are RIP OFFs. As if I want a creditcard with 56.9 APR % /? I don’t think so. Then Empire catalogue has been harrassing me saying I can spend £600 from their catalogue. Thanks, but not right now. So they send me like 3 other letters annoucing that I can spend this money which really isn’t mine.

Then I also give blood, it’s about time to donate again. However since I’ve been over in NYC I can’t give blood for 28 days just incase I have a disease or whatever. But all they do is harass me each week with these letters. Today’s got too much. It said, and no word of a lie :
” People are dying because you……… We are low on O- Blood. As you know, O- is the blood used in emergencies and surgery so you’re blood really does save lives and we are running really low. If you don’t donate then potentially a person dies”
I’m like!?! Thanks for that. No better way than to make me feel good about donating blood right?
Of course, I will be donating some blood sometime within the next few weeks, but it hasn’t been 28 days yet
tut tut.

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