Smizz has entered the Darkside

I have officially entered the darkside!
I have traded my most amazing MP3 player that I bought about 4 years ago instead of the Ipod. An I-River at 40GB (when I pods were only 10GB/20GB max).
It’s a tiny bit of a brick but I LOVE IT. It has been nothing but amazing. I can drag and drop all my music files into the folder, just like a normal computer. It stores ANY file, and I can use and open these files just like a normal harddrive/usb drive. And Ican put it on any PC and I can share all my files with everyone. Unlike the copyright mone greedy I-Pod system. I dont even need to download or install anything to use the mp3 player on my laptop. or any other pc for that matter.
However because I LOVE my music, and don’t leave it at home ever. I don’t go without my music if there is a possibility that i will be walking somewhere alone. Cuz of this, 4 years none stop use has had its tow on my MP3 player with the battery only working for 2 hours at the max :(. It’s getting to the point where I am excluded from society because I don’t own an I-pod – so for example at parties, I can’t play my music cuz my mp3 player doesnt fit on the cradel thing. It sucks. And cuz it’s only 40 GB I ain’t one of those pussy’s who get 80gb i-pods and have like 4 albums on it. I’ve maxed out my 40 gb and have 2 rethink what I want on my MP3 player everytime I NEED to update.
I’ve only ever been convinced once to buying an I-pod and that was last year when I worked in America. And gain this year. and i finially gave in with the general wear n tear of my mp3. I hope the i-pod lasts another 4 years like my old faithful boombox i-river.
So my nan gave me some money towards the Ipod. And it should be here tomoz, i can’t wait!
I want 2 see how amazing my music collection looks like on an Ipod.

Oh yea, it’s all about the asethetics.

I can’t help but think how i-pod illiterate I am going to be. I used 2 call ipod owners wheel spinners!


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