Oh yeah I forgot to mention, I’m kind of cheatin’ on I have two blogs,
The other is on this amazing website I found the other week when I was working.
I was googling Wolfgang Stheale for Postmasters when this webpage comes up. He blogs on this website too, along side this other amazing artist called : Robbin Murphy. You definately need to check his blogs out. They are fabolous. Like he said, it’s great how ones experiences maybe able to help anothers understanding of their own experience/existence.

Anyways yeah, this blog is less self-centered (but that’s the charm of this one!) and less grammar and spelling mistakes because I’m always trying to lead the readers to believe that i’M A real intelligent artist/art student- regardless of whether I am or not!

So keep it here, but check from time to time, if not for me but Murph’s blog

Published by smizz

I've had this blog since I was 17. I use it process thinking & work. It's changed with how my life has changed. Artist → Re-evaluating life→ Rad Oncology graduate + public health worker→ @lab4living PhD-er → Want 2 make a positive difference → Rule-Breaker → LIVE DRAWZ! → councillor! → Loves cities → rides fixie → adventures → wanna be ramen master → <3 Tokyo + NYC

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