Can’t cook.

won’t cook.
My moms the best cook ever! So as a result, I’m a shit cook cuz my mom cooks for me! And why have mediocre food when you can have the best?
I can do wonders with Pasta meals, and I can make an alright pizza if you’re into the deep-pan style and not thin and crispy. I can do an alright chocolate brandy too.
If I genuinely put alot of effort, have all the equpiment and food and a cook book at hand I’m a pretty good cook. However, lliving the college/uni life.. my housemate smashed all my plates last year (“cuz i’m an artist man *ruffles his hair* I gotta express my sellf innit”) So I barely have plates, never mind whisks and scales and stuff like that. And because I save all my money for NYC I eat really cheaply aka really shit.
Food has to last and salad doesn’t!

But it’s now getting to the point where I getting too old (20) not to be able to cook good, and I mean with hardly any effort. It seems to be the easier things that baffle me more than the meals, such as doing bacon and egg. I can never get it right.
On top of this, I always get paranoid thinking that I’m going to give myself food poisioning or something , so I put myself off my food!
I still haven’t finished the Spencer Finch review, but I’ve done half of it. I have, however, watched this really good romcom called Suburban Girl. If you’re into that type of film, you should check it out. I also bought a jacket which I wished I got from New York, I was lucky I got it in a sale!!

Until next time, work calls :o(
fucking money.


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