Things that you have to do in NYC

That I did (and they’re all under $10!)

  • See old movies in Byrant Park at sunset on Mondays (free)
  • Check the MoMA archive library for fills and art you will never get the chance to see (free providing in education as undergrad, MA, Lecturer researcher ect +)
  • Work in an amazing gallery which has shaped the present moment of art, and is shaping the future. (free – yeah unpaid ha)
  • Sit on Brooklyn Bridge and watch the world go by (free)
  • See the waterfalls – regardless of whether you think they’re good or not (free)
  • see all of the Chealsa galleries (free)
  • Look at DVDs and CDs at 1am
  • Catch the subway intoxicated at 3am (free)
  • catch the subway in the ghetto at 3am (free)
  • Have a roof party (free)
  • Attend a skate roof party (free, invite only)
  • eat in china town (under $8)
  • Go to a private arty BBQ (free, invite only)
  • Party in a ghetto place where the cops come and stop the fun (free)
  • Go to the Met and the Natural History Museum and only pay a dollar
  • Go to all the big art institutions on Pay what you wish/free nights
  • Sit on the balcony and watch the sunset  + sunrise(free)
  • Watch fireworks from an amazingly beautiful retired fireboat (john j. harvey fireboat to be exact)  (free)
  • Charm some people who you met for an hour to buy you a T shirt for $17 (free)
  • Go to a dinner party with artists (free)
  • Go and party for free at the Brooklyn Museum every first saturday and listen 2 amazing world dance music.
  • Walk around everywhere (free)
  • Go to Strands Bookstore (free until you buy the whole store)
  • Surf in New Jersey (not free – )
  • Go to Coney Island and have a hot dog, read Ad Reinhardt on the beach (hot dog $3)
  • Look around the School of Visual Arts in NYC, (Free)
  • See a Mets game ($10)
  • See a Broadway musical ($20-$330)
  • See a Hudson river movie (free)
  • Play Golf on the Pier
  • Sit and chill out on one of the Piers
  • Just chill in the park (free)
  • See Coldplay play for free in Central Park (free)
  • See Shakespeare in the Park (free)
  • skateboard around
  • buy a high intellectual book off a street vendor ($1-12)
  • see  an indie movie which won’t get a release in the UK

More to come


2 thoughts on “Things that you have to do in NYC

  1. I agree with a great many of these, but you said they’re all under $10. Why, then, do you have Broadway plays on the list, then have the price listed as $20-$330? Hahaha, it’s all good, though. I think I’ll hit up the Strand tomorrow morning, then head out to Coney Island for a hot dog. 🙂

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