Goodbyes :o(

So, yesterday was my last day at the gallery.

It’s a strange feeling because I’ve never really felt like this after leaving. Because when I usually quit a job I’mlike YES I’M FREE. Or last year in New Hampshire it was more like, yes I can do NORMAL things, i’m not stuck on an island and I have the journey of a life time ahead of me.

Now. I’m just buying time till I have the return to the bland UK. You know, cold and dull.

I think as I get older I get more emotional, maybe because I know how goodbyes really start to work out. People say they’ll keep intouch but never do. Not that is a bad thing, its a privledge just to get to know someone, but I think because alot of people leave in my life – I’m becoming more needy. Which for me, isn’t good – well who wants to be needy? That’s right, no one! I’d just like to keep knowing someone.

Anyways, I got $100 for a leaving present?! That was totally unexpected because I thought that I was just kind of being an hindrence. But I felt really respected, which is a new feeling and although my time working there was short – when your with someone for 5 weeks everyday – for 7 hours you really take to that person. I’m really, really, really going to miss Magda, Pig… scanning and scanning more stuff…. hell I’m even going to miss the 2 music scores that play together which drive me insane.

So what am I doing for my last days? Well tonight I’m going to …. wait, this is going to make you all totally jealous – Legally Blonde the Broadway musical. Oh yes, tell me – how much has my street cred gone down? It was the cheapest ticket I could get – plus I love the movie (don’t judge me). And allmusicals are the same, they’re musicals right? You’re left feeling great afterwards. Like you want to be a broadway actress or something.

I’m going to see Coney Island too, which should be great. And the sun is shining what more could I want??

When I get back to the UK, I’m working the next day. Can you believe that? I’m going to be fucked.

Oh I have to show you my vanity in the MoMA. I was too embarrassed to ask someone (they were all foreign tourists too) to  take my picture with an Ad Reinhardt painting, in the Reinhardt + Rothko exhibits. So here is my own attempt. Liza took one of me and a black painting in the Brooklyn Museum but I’m not sure when I’ll get that picture – plus my hair was a righttt mess (it was after july 4th party).




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