this post sounds too sex and the city like.

The great thing with New York, is that, it’s like a lover. You love it unconditionally, it can make you the most happiest person alive and it can also totally screw you over.

Everyday on the way to and from work – aka when I’m on the L train, there’s some Delta commercials that make me laugh to myself. It shows a picture of another place, perhaps a beach or another city. And underneath, it says, ” Go on, cheat on New York!”

My reaction, always, is I COULD NEVER cheat on New York.

And you know what? It’s true! I always come back. I’m like some needy housewife. I save up all my money, i don’t eat – or I ate shit so I end up putting shit loads of weight on so I can go 2 NYC. I make excuses for NYC. NYC doesn’t need me… but I need it. It’s one of those places you know you’re destined to be, because you feel kinda whole when you’re there. You know. I’m anxious what the future holds for me, career wise – because this will heavily dictate (unfortunately) whether I will ever make it to live in the NYC area… or even the US. We’ll see. But whatever.

Tomorrow I’m going to be a ‘member’ of the MoMA, TO GET IN FREE, fo’ shizzzzzzz!!


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