The Rules to Using the Subway

If riding the subway do NOT:

  • Have your feet right out, so people can trip over them. And if they do, don’t get mad – it’s your own fault!
  • Don’t take up 2/3 seats wid your legs wide open and/or shopping at peak times. That’s so fucking annoying. I don’t wanna particularily want to sit next to you either BUT I’ve been on my feet all day so if there is a seat, I’m taking it.
  • Don’t get on the subway and preach about God, If I wanna learn about it – I’ll do it in a space inwhich I can leave when I want to leave.
  • Don’t stand in the way off the door so people can’t get on, or off.
  • Don’t push infront of me at the door – motherfuckers!

That’s all.



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