The Latest in NYC

Best image that I’ve found online.

Latest from New York City is:

– On Tuesday I had to pick up an Anthony Goicolea photo from 52nd Street and then taking it to this photo place down on the Eastside at 18th street. This was an experience. Both of these places I have walked by before, and I never had an idea just what went on in there. The creation of Greg Crewdson, Cindy Sherman, LiCorida etc. works… all up in here!!! 

– Then yesterday I delivered some DVDs to be reproduced, and again, a really bland door way that leads to millions of creative arty offices that are scheming above the tourists.

– Tonight I’m going to a real deal Dinner Party with artworld people.  Artists and gallery workers who are 24+.

– I went 2 a real arty BBQ on Sunday and i met some of the most coolest artists and other practitioners, such as Kenneth Tin Kin – check his work out here: or

– for July the 4th I’m watching the Fireworks from John Harvey fireboat on the river! Sounds amazing right? And then we have anotherrrr party at the ghetto apartment. Fo’ Shizz.

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