To the guy in the movie theatre

This is for the guy at the movie theatre on 34 st and 8th in Manhattan at the 4:15 showing of “Get Smart.” on Sunday.

Now I know what you are thinking, what is intellectual, artistic Smizz doing seeing a slap-stick type of movie – I’m allowed to! I wanted a laugh, and it was easy to watch – and coooool because everywhere is so HOT, and it was actually funny. I’d probably give it 3out of 5 stars.

Anyways, this is a personal letter to the guy I was sat next door but 3 too.

You were fucking annoying.

I knew that you were going to be annoying from the moment the trailers started. When you started stamping your feet to the Madagascar 2 movie trailer.  I ignored that, I thought hey you’re probably just easily excitable.

Then when the movie started and you started laughing OUTALOUD at parts that weren’t even that funny. ONLY A MORON or a small child who has never seen that all too cliche gag of a guy looking at a woman walking into a wall would find that funny. And yeah, even if you DO find it funny – it does not equate to a BIG ASS ANNOYINGLY SOUNDING FAKELAUGH that sounds louder than then soundtrack of the movie.

By passing this, I don’t want to hear your fucking annoying comments at your,”eww, eww i don’t want to see that” at the gay-like scenes. Please grow up. People like you make people want to pirate copy movies!!!! For real.

I saw Frankenstein for free in Byrant Park last night with all the traffic and 100’s of people – and you know what – NO ONE WAS AS ANNOYING AS YOU.


That is all.

P.S. The MoMA library archieves was amazing.



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