Mid-Teen Crisis

Today I bought a skateboard. I’m going through my mid-teen crisis …………… again!! I nearly had a heart attack when I was watching them put it in the till because I bought the “bundle deal” for a complete – and it came to $130 with tax, which is a bargin cuz it’s a limited edition board by an artist. And I can skate here! The skate scene in Williamsburg is crazy hot man. And the sidewalks are perfect. I just got the wheels for cruising and not for trickin’ but it makes the journey going to work far more exciting.

Speaking of work, Magda is going to Canada on Thursday and Friday and leavin’ me in charge!? i’m like whhhhaaat?! ON MY OWN?! Totally on my own. I’ve been here for a week and a half. And I HATE answering the phone. I’m honoured, excited but TOTALLY SHITTING MYSELF. For real!



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