The Rain is here

It’s refreshing when it rains over here, however it’s still HOT. When it rains, dayummm, It rains!!  HUGE thunder storms, it even made the trains delayed. I had to wait 35 minutes for the L train home. That’s crazy.

Tomorrow is my first day off! Yeaaa. And Monday. Monday I’ll have to do some laundary. 2moz I’munsure what to do with my freee day, however I know that I’m going to the New Museum to catch the last show of the SAANA for my essay/dissertation.

Today I’m still updating files online for the gallery. It’s getting done, slowly but shortly. The great part of gallery working though is the conversations that I get to hear. Magda and her painter artist friend/lecturer had this cool convo on the philosophy of painting. Like how it exists outside of itself. It was deep stuff. I LOVE conversations like that. This is what I thought university was going to be like, except its more like,- ” I know there’s no such things as ghosts – FACT, because I saw a TV show on it.”

Instead of, ” your mind exists outside of itself, because when you write a to do list, its thoughts that you forgot so therefore its existing outside, what consistutes as consciousness?”


And Magda is always going to lectures or parties. So she tells me about them, and helps me engage in some great debates and subsequently helping me with my practice! So it’s allllll gooooood in the hoood! I’ve just emailed to get an appointment at the MoMAs library for PAD/D Archive. Let’s see their reaction. Magda says if they’re twats about it, she reckons she might be able to have a word since she knows quite a few of the MoMA curators.

here are some photo’s for y’all


crazy williamsburg. everyday is never the same same everyday.

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