The all seeing Eye camera project

Today was a day that was abit out of the ‘norm’. recently my days have consisted of movies, reading, drawing, chatting shit, vaguely planning the revolution and one line a day script writing.

Today, I actually did something. Brendan and myself had to follow James around whilst he had 65 cameras strapped to his body. We had to take the pictures, and make sure taht the cameras were safe and not get damaged. Here’s a link to the project

I’ll add some photo’s of it soon!

Tomorrow, I have an important meeting with important people, about important stuff. Vague? Yes indeed. I don’t write controversial things on my blogs from my last stunt similar to this, 2 years ago, that got me excluded.

and of course, I will be partying out aloud at the LAST HURRAH SHEFFIELD HALLAM DEGREE SHOW. The lasty at PSalter lane, oh how I WILL be so nostalgic over that building and my time there. :o( here is an important link to all the info about the show.



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