Best Blog page for Sheffield. + SatC Movie

I found this page:

wHERE To get free wi-fi in Sheffield. For all of you Sheffielians out there, this is the page for you!

Also I saw Sex and the City movie today. So yeahhh what I thought about the movie is: It was enjoyable, I’ll buy it on DVD but not as spectacular as I thought it could have been.

if you’re familiar with the term “fan service”, this film pretty much embodies it. it’s quite obvious the script meetings started with compiling a list of things that the fans of the series will want to see, and the plot (term used liberally for the sake of the argument) was drawn up to include as many of these as possible. the list, I imagine, goes along the lines of: wedding!!! dresses!!! reasons to get dressed up!!! relationship drama!!! shoes!!! purses!!! shopping!!! fun at an exotic location!!! cute babies and dogs!!! hot male nudity!!! fashion show!!! gay kiss!!! fabulous interiors!!! etc., etc. so, it kind of has it all, in a shallow, superfluous manner. the plot, however, is barely-existent and thus the whole thing never really takes off. I suppose the unappealing “in the end, we just want your $$$” undertone isn’t helping, either. Despite the: No designer labels gave me pure happiness – in the end. Yawwwwn.

Besides the drama coming off as really far-fetched and feeling fake, as well as out of character(s), the whole thing is overflowing with gratuitous product placement and blatant label-worshipping. sadly, there isn’t any trace left of the wit and irony of the show. and I have to say that the film’s version of what female friendship is like, with all the stilettos and drinks and fake enthusiastic squeeing, made me feel incredibly alienated. I don’t know anybody who lives like this, and if I did, well… they would be buying me drinks!

the writing is not very good at all. there’s enough material here for another season of SATC, but it’s handled in a superficial, sketchy manner. lots of underdeveloped ideas. also, there are some genuinely funny lines, but they’re few and far between inferior-level stuff, and there are some incredibly clumsy, exposure-laden bits of dialogue. (“Thank you for watching Lily while I went to the doctor” …I suspect 15-year old fanfic writers can do better than that.) as for the visuals, most of the film looks either good or very good, however the cast looks increasingly middle-aged, including Samantha’s “hot younger man” Smith (no wonder, really, as he’s close to 40 IRL). occasionally stunning (Charlotte’s vampy black bridesmaid dress), but middle-aged. and Jennifer Hudson alone isn’t enough to freshen things up.

I’d discuss performances, but there isn’t anything to discuss. I’ve seen all of them doing a better job at some point during the show’s running. it kind of shows they realize they aren’t working with great material.

Over all enjoyable, but nothing that will make me write home about. I enjoyed being back in their lives, its just unfortunate that their developed lives weren’t developed sophistically in film-terms. I’ll buy it on DVD of course, but beware of that patriarchal status quo unlining that becomes all so blatenly clear at the end, with the exception of Samantha. (which still, is handled badly). Ya heard?!

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