Bank Holidays

I hate Bank Holidays. There’s nothing to do, except shop. And the stores are always bursting with people.  And shit TV. and that’s it. I mean, surely there should be more to Bank Holidays. Spring Bank is even worse. The Library and Uni is closed for Monday AND Tuesday. Luckily I got some DVDs out. I’ve only watched one yet. But other than that….  I guess it would be a great opportunity to start to pack to take all my shizzle back to the Donx, since I’m going 2 NYC in 2 weeks exactly!

Plus I’m in the Donx at present; which means I WAS going to catch the trainhome until I checked the times and:

6 hours 10 minutes to get from Adwick to Sheffield/!?!?!?! Bitch please. What will I be doing??!!!  Going To London and back?!!? Thats a flight to NYC

I never knew that Trains didn’t run on Bank Holiday’s. I thought it was just SundAY times. How Niave?!

I saw Jimmy Carr tonight (the reason why I’m home) It was AWESOME. and relatively cheap. £20.

I’m in one of those moods where all I wanna do is DRAW. Yes. DRAW, DRAW, DRAW. Anything. so I guess you have the joy of looking out for any dodgy documentation of any of these manifestations. I’m desperately trying to design StreetOuts website for a launch before I go to NYC. I know, I’m cutting it short.

Also I’m looking for a job, or seeing what’s avilable now, so when I come back from NYC I can get earning real dollars. I saw an ad for Subway, they say that they are looking for “sandwich ARTISTS” What?! I wouldn’t exactly say that putting some tomatoes on italian bread is exactly art. Well, I flyposter… what do I know? so I guess its the same type of thing. Hosting.

The Hospitality of Subway and the essense of contemporary artmaking by J. Derrida.  

In terms of architecture, I found this amazing building in my online hopping

Meanwhile, other artforms enchance and enrich the not so good (asethetically) architecture

Plus I’ve got my first Brooklyn Art Opening to attend fo sheezy. start my life as an art socialite for a month.  I know that i’ve made it if i go to a cocktail party. Lol. I wanna see a Yankee’s game too.


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