Hasta la Victoria Siempre


40 Years this month to the 1968 student French Revolution!

revolution lovers

Why don’t we have balls like that?! Ahh how I am so nostalgic to the 60s and 70s of NYC and Paris.

Robert Rauschenberg died on the 12th May. Long live his work though. I remember my mom being pissed that I made her pay $15 each for us to see his retrospective at the Met in 2006?

Currently I am reading: Deleuze Cinema 1 and The REAL screenwriting tips Book.

I’m going to watch tonight: The Hoax by Hallstrom

Private fears Public Spaces by Resnais

Salo by Pasolini

Regular Lovers by Garrel

and Shadows by Cassavetes

Should be a fun night! :o)

On Friday, I’m going to treat myself to one of the joys of living in Sheffield and being single: going to see a movie by myself. It sounds like it’s not such a joy, but it is–it’s nice to go on your terms, get there when you want, sit where you want, see what you want.

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