I need E’s!

YES, E’s!!


Not as in


The drug. But as in




ENTERPRISE (Adventure)

I am going out of my mind in boredom. I use to be able to work without a studio. But I need a base, if only mentally. I can’t sit at home because that’s the worst, so I go into uni begging 3rd years for me to help them. They’re all pretty self sufficient. So what have I done in the past week in my freedom? (It’s been one whole week of freedom).

Well, I’ve read alot of blogs. Especially ones that linked to Williamsburg, Brooklyn USA. And looked for arty ones. I’ve watched practically ALL of my DVD again for whatever tim, been to the movies loads of times!. Ive watched practically all the seasons of Sex and the City in prep. for the movie.

 I have read shit loads of books. The collection of classics by Jack London; Ad Reinhardt – Michael Corris and Revolution! : the explosion of world cinema in the 60s – Peter Cowie.

Currently I am half way through reading: “The Complete guide to standard script formats” to start writing my film. (properly). And The Revolution of everyday life –  Raoul Vaneigem.  This is just one weeks reading and I never did any over the weekend.

Never have I had the time to read and read good, except when I was excluded – and then I had the internet to distract me (which we don’t here in Sheffoat home). I’m trying to educate myself. And read into the areas for my practice. Although, admittly, half of those books aren’t really involved with my practice.

But I bum a lil’ bit of Ad Reinhardt now. I didn’t know that he was a working class artist. That’s awesome. I don’t want to draw parrells with a world amazing and talented and intellectual artist (AKA one of the best painters of all time). But I couldn’t help but notice shit loads of similarities between myself and Ad. (With the except of academic accreditation (although I was top of my school in Alevels and GCSEs and got onto 5 5 fine art courses without my foundation)/ intellectual and good art). But you know; working class – involved with the university; politically engaged – with left winged politics – well versed with Marxism – drew cartoons that started to go all abstracty and then slowly led onto the geometry of the black paintings.

Now take the lattar away. And who do you have?!

That’s right, a Smizz. Fascinating stuff. What is even more facinating, however, is why there are no pictures in the book. I heard that there was some copyright issues. What’s that all about?!! It’s like the the Political Art Documentation / Distribution collection in the MoMA. It’s been archieved for a reason, yet unless I am researcher, I can’t email to ask permission to access their library in Queens. That’s insulting. The irony continues….

 I’m glad I read that book now. I’ve seen Corris do 2 talks on the research of this project and he calles them the “The Difficult Freedom of Ad Reinhardt.”

The Difficult Freedom of an artist/writer/educator etc. What does it mean in todays society to not be able to access collections held away by big named institutions and estates for educational and scholary reasons? Learning and education should be a gift that is free, and anything that helps with it – should be at least accessible to everyone.

All my life I’ve had to totally fight and go way out of my way to get opportunities to help learn/educate myself. I worked 3 jobs in 6th form and saved all my EMA so I could go to New York City to see my first world class museum. The MoMA. 3 jobs so I could afford books that we didn’t have at school, so I could see movies at the Showroom in Sheffield. I didn’t know this existed till one of my Ex boyfriends took me. The middle classer ;o). I’m going off on one again.

My point is, Greed // Cencorship = cover ups everywhere. I haven’t got this far to still be denied access to other learning elements/ ‘public’ archieves etc. Ya heard!?


Anyways, this whole post was supposed to be how nostalgic I feel from last year. I was looking at my pictures from Monument Valley, Vegas, New Orleans, Boston, NYC, Washington, Mexico, ZION, gRAND cANYON, uTAH, L.A., Albama  and even Texas. And just how I wish I was doing all that again. Ahhhhhh. Sure this year is going to be different. We are doing Europe! And NYC for 6 weeks! But still. I need to be just living my existence. Not reading it.

Adventure here I want to come….

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