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I’ve decided that our relationship, both as writer (blogger) and reader // performer and voyager // artist and audience // writer and publisher etc, is take take take. On my behalf.

This blog is like a platform where I can share my anxieties without forcing them upon listening ears. (Not all of them like, lots of you still hear them in person) Never have I ever been so vein till I started writing a blog. These posts are Smizz at most vein. Its permanence is also pretty scary. So I’ve decided I’ve got a series of links to offer you guys! = a collaborative duo. Some of Sheffield Hallam’s MA finest. They are offering an open submission to recently graduated artists. Check it. = Another Sheffo Hallam MA project. These students are busy! Check out the Defamiliarization collaborations. The best of course, is Matthew Noel-Tod. You may remember him from a Polish film that he made (** censored real thoughts here **) Who obviously thought that he got an invitation from Art Sheffield 08. Sorry Noel-Tod, Esther Stocker has already submitted and done this with, “Cannot in all Conscience Do What You Request”. Except hers was a lot more well thought out.

I appreciate your invitation, however I¹m not going to contribute to theproject as I don¹t see any of my own interests in art as an artist and/or aviewer represented in the project.The request to supply 10 words is of no interest to me as an artist, norwould it interest me as a viewer.
As you seem to be trying to construct discourse-as-art, which I believe is acontemporary fallacy, I thought it best to reply with my reasons, ratherthan not reply at all. You are welcome to include my reply in place of 10words.
Suppose it was nice of him to reply. But seriously, does it really have to be ALL for your own interests as an artists? Maybe not even just to help out. It’s not really asking alot. And discourse – as – art – a fallacy?! That must be a joke?
Luckily there are actual real artists who are all pretty well known on this project like; our regularly mentioned celebrity on my blog, M.C. = Zing Magazine NYC intern makes me jealous with their blog. = discussions on south american movies. Brilliant stuff. = This is the gallery I’m going to be working in, in a months time!
I’ll do some more later on today before I go bizack to Sheffo. Watch this space.

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