Today we had our FIRST ‘REAL’ school for StreetForm. I say “real” because it’s a school that approached us through reputation. However, the difference being that it was Primary school and not a secondary school. And you know what?

It was AWESOME. I’m not a fan of the 9/10 years olds. But these were pretty adorable – even for ghetto Smizz to admit. Too clingy – but you know – that’s how they are, aren’t they.

We were respected; enjoyed; and adored. I can see why people would prefer to teach primary school instead of secondary school – but I’m still not convinced. Secondary school teaching for me. I hope that they keep at the graffiti – they we’re all pretty shit hot at it for 9 year olds! And if it inspires them to do somethin ‘ in the future. we will have achieved our goals.

Trying to get to the school was ridiculas though; it really made me appericate how good our public transportation links are in the UK.!


Can’t wait to put the pictures up!


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