Journal of New York FANatic

I’m startin’ to get real nervous with the living in Brooklyn, I live near Williamsburg – Which I’ve been once, and it was cool – but I didn’t stay long. I’m kinda scared that it will be amazingly lonely! But I’m hoping that I will meet people, and we’ll rock and roll. I want to try and get to see Chicago (my plan was Frisco but I looked up prices and the time it takes- and thought better not – I think I might try and see Frisco near Xmas this year). i’ve also got hommies in Boston that I need to check wid, so Boston will be on the agenda!


In terms of Politics in the UK. We’re gettin’ as bad as the US at this. What’s with Labour and that new tax? I’m like bitch, pleaseee! Who am I going to vote for now? I hate Conservatives but Labour are actin’ like them. And the Librals, well. And the REAL socialist party is awesome, but again they won’t get in. But what is more worrying, is the BNP seats suddenly.

These are lost confused times myfriends. We don’t need haters. I can’t understand peoples small mindedness sometimes. And clearly, the solutions are easier than people make them. The majority of what governments do, is just create scape-goats. What you need to do, is!

  • Sort the state education system out. You’re using the 1988 Education Reform Act still, which was introduced by Thatcher. What does that sAy? ITS WRONG. Education is not a business. It’s a means to a way of socialising; learning; living and actually having fun. If you sorted the system out so that there were vocational subjects, or specialities  in every area. So no one would be left behind. Maths, and science and even art are not for everyone. The examinations at every level creates an anomie and a pressure. You ened to get elitesim out of the education systemn. Like middle class kids in top-sets just becuase their parents are head governers – they already have access to cultural capital. everything should be taken into account. There is an element in learning that is lost in the current ed. system. That being , actually learning. What we do is just “remember” material for exam papers, and after that passes. we forget. That is not learning my friends.

With learning will come a want; a need. A far more skilled and knowledgable work force. Tution fees NEED to be dropped to leave the platform of university more open to EVERYONE. I have friends that are more than able to go to uni; but they don’t wanna get in debt. And what’s even worse, I pay more money – but they still treat me like a statistic. I’m much more. We are much more. It’s freakin’ alienting. we tick boxes, but are we really learning? There needs to be a passion, which is somehwere lost in this sytem of being checked all the time.

  • If you sort the education system out. Other things fall into place.

Lets start the revolution, yo. But it will be made from friendship; passion; love and a want for equality.

i FOUND THis ace blog today,.. you should check it 



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