Vacation Time

So one more deadline which is Tuesday – and it’s an essay. it would be foolish at this point 2 totally fuck my essay up and upset my freakin’ awesome average. 20 credits at 78 for Philosophy presentation; 80 credits at 69 for studio practice (with a hard 2 impress lecturer I might just add – andd it was fly postering) so the other 20 will be my essay.

It’s on how architecture effects the viewing of art from a philosophical angle. And it’s harder than anticipated. For example, I’m very much oh yes of course it does – look at kosuth, look at the new museum’s previous shit exhibition etc – but I’m not quite sure if I’ve gota  debate goin’ onnnn. And referencing is some hard shizzzz!

But I’ve got it all down (about 3,000 words)  except the conclusion and I need 2 tighten it up. Making points more specific and stuff. so it’s not too bad.

But 2moz I’m chillin in the day – I’ll work in the evening doing the work. I think Im going 2 the movies alllll day. Can’t wait. I’m also looking for a vacation for like 5 days before I go to NYC as my mom needs one.

And it’s gotta be one of those ‘beach vacations’ which i hate because I like to be doing stuff, but it’s all for my moms.


P.S. how kool is this Jay-Z remix of a Mariah Carey song Bye Bye


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