I’m just tryna send an email. I’m thinking, hey how amazing is Email? you can be at the other end of the world and yet we all can keep intouch. Its easy. Its somewhat reliable…. it pretty much dominates myself.

Ever get slightly anxious that you haven’t checked your mail? I don’t get this with real postal mail (although I do get excitable with it) that sounds wrong. You know what I mean. This constant need to check my emails (even when I’m not expecting any) is getting somewhat worried.

Hotmail, cuz its microsoft, always plays me up. I get so irritable with it. LIKE HEY! WHat are you doing!? ARGhhhh. It truely brings out a whole different element 2 me.

Is this just the start of something bad for society/?  That’s the thing that is going to stop me from achieving full maximum hiding / running away when I graduate- EMAILLLLLLLLLL/.


On other news, todays funnest thing (in a very specific context) , ” Oh so you think Rapes funny then Xanthe… Rapes just a laugh… a laughing matter.”

Yeah sounds wronggggg – but was an extreme case ~:oP


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