Artistically Blonde Part 1.

So here’s my movie idea…. (i’m at uni and they don’t have photoshop – so excuse my bad paint applications)

After discussing with Richie, all those embarrassing moments and how he’s like, ” Oh I’d love to do Fine art – just for the social side really” we made some comparisons to him and Legally Blonde.

Richie decides to take Fine art, instead of the history of art, for the soical event – he also thinks its less work… and he can finially get the love of his life! 

This is Richie excerising his artistic knowledge in everyday.

He’ll get chucked out of his first class for not doing the homework, as he would have been out drinking the night before.

He’ll also get come on to by one of his lectures. Who might look like this:


And thats part 1. I’ll have to stop procasinating… for real!

I’ve finsihed my fake booklet. But more to do.

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