Smizz does Role Models

Growing up I wanted to be any number of different things. I idolized various people by the minute. I longed to be someone cooler than myself, someone who demanded respect simply by existing. So now I present you with a handy guide to my various childhood idols:

Dodger, Oliver and Company

Dodger from Oliver and Company. I am aware that Dodger is a Dog. His savy, “why should I worry… why should I care” attitude roaming the streets of New York City only deemed to be way cool for me.  Age 8, I’d have a doggy swagger. Sure I could run around on all fours, or jump onto piano, or a taxi, or steal sausages and suddenly jump into streetwise music in the middle of New York./.. sounds like it would be weird – but for me – that’s what I wanted to be. This streetwise, cool, charistmatic kid who lived in NYC. My NYC obsession has been fueled for many. many, many years. (I’ve just discovered that I got my obsession from NY since I was like 4 with Sesame Street). These days of course, if you take rescue kids off the street or from unloving parents., you’re like the Macans.

dennis quaid

Dennis Quaid! Or his character – Jack Hall  In The Day After Tomorrow. This movie shit me up! I got obsessed with the idea of global warming (before it was cool 2 care~) and did loads of research all summer of 2004. I even set up a website and everything. I was a girl on a mission. I wanted to be Jack Hall. Not a man. And yes. NoT A dog lol. But I wanted his career. I wanted to be a climatologist artist. Yes, I did research, and began to understand things at degree level when I didn’t even know if I had passed my GCSE Science exams. That is why I am a sucessful, well paid and respected climatologist a student studying art. I passed GCSE Science A’s – as with most of my exams – but Biology and Chemistry classed with Art and Sociology. Obviously saving the world from basketball sized hailstone and tidel waves that cover new york, wasn’t as strong as my conviction for art. Not only that, but Jack Hall risks everything to make sure his son and his hommies are safe, or to rescue them. Now that is something to idolise.

Damien Hirst Franz Kline


Hirst, Kline and Fairey. 3 artists that predominately have got me to the stage I was at 2 years ago. Franz Kline, if it was any artwork I’d wanna make it would have been his paintings!!! His style and everything is exactly how I paint – all expressive and such. And it’s all new yorrrrrk! Hirst was the guy I wanted to be. I applied to Goldsmith- a year 2 early – they didn’t like that. So i thought fuck them., These days I couldn’t care less of Hirst, but it’s the old school roots. His early stuff has helped create the subject inwhich I am involved.  And Fairley – graffiti was my connection with saturday morning cartoons, and the legitimate artworld. This was the thing that got me on to ‘real’ art. i still hold a big respect and yearning to do illustration and graffiti – but can’t do it in art school institutions,they ain’t dowwwwn wid that shizzle. 


rosa and luther

I got practically excluded from school because of these guys. In 6th form I charged myself up on revolutionary texts and movies, making me full of rage and over enthusastic about anything that could cause some chaos to the status quo. I knew how everything was affecting everything in the system. So not to make stories long, when I was denyed to do a petition it was only fair to result in an immature responce ina private email calling the head a Sly Motherfucker. Because they were. Ya heard? I am still obsessed with these people’s actions, and keeping them close to my own inspiration for my spiritual revolution. TBC

These days of course, I look up to pretty much ordinary people. My latest artists that I wanna be like are :

Josepth Kosuth

the foxthe inventionists

So that’s interventionists such as Greg Sholette and Lucy Lippard, to Joesph Kosuth because I’m jealous that I didn’t write Art after Philosophy and Michael Corris.

Why are they my new found inspiration? They all represent a certain coooool, Look at Kosuth aprtying it up. Keepin’ it real – no matter how successful they are, they all keep it real. Furthermore, they’re work is all influencial for me right now. It only encorporates all of the above role models for me – put into artists – New Yorrrkers or NY savy, streetwise, cool, amazingly intellectual, rebellious, professional and well respected and establish. And over all have been part of something that has pushed art into areas that matter. I think that this transgressive nature of their practices needs to be re-estalished in todays contemporary artists. They proove that to be a real artist, is to join in a connection / community together, a lesson to be learnt. If I could achieve even something that was like 1/9th of their success I will be happy, i reckon ;o).

Baby steps, Smizz. Baby steps.


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