The Plan 2.9

So last week I gave myself this list to do:

  •  Make more posters.
  • Start to write a kick ass plan
  • polish my artist statement
  • do at least half of my self assessment form
  • draw some building plans
  • finish the website
  • get a map of sheffo city
  • Plan more interventions.
  • add more to the fake brochure of work
  • stick stuff in my logg book

What have I achieved?

  • I have made more posters- But still need to make some more with more subtly
  • I polished off my artistic statement but i’m not happy with it – yet.
  • I’ve done third of my self assesment form.
  • Ive drawn some building plans but need to do more.
  • I got a map of Sheffo but the printer broke.
  • Ive stuck stuff in my log book – but still got more 2 add!
  • ive added m0re to the fake brochure

What I haven’t done is –

  • Finish my website
  • or finsh my essay.

So I still need to do all that. Today I’ve had a chill out day. So 2moz will be my “Friday” technically. My mind was clear at the start of Easter, but with everything that has happened, I feel washed over, emotional and muddy. A complete mess, I guess…

Like whats my works audience? Well in the context it’s in, it’s for everyone! Its interventionist – what else would it be for? But this will be unacceptable, cuz art can’t be for everyone. As I am slowly learning. Where does Working class Smizz exist in all of this? Great question. i think I need another tutorial or something but everyone is booked/. it’s annoying stuff.

This week has been krazy, Phoebe came home – and has gone back to Finland, just before leaving she announces that she wants the stayy over there!  WE NEarly had the bailifs around because half of the house hasn’t paid the heating bill – lol. (They don’t give you long! Scottish Power don’t mess around) My cell phone broke, so I had to bow down to the man and buy a new one… I had a rebellious meeting and I have actually done some work this week. lol. So all work all weekend, todays rest was something I needed but I’m unsure whether it cleared my head, but only started to make me think slightly negative againnnn about my practice, my work and myself all together.

I have a funny post to post soon – but I need sometime to upload it  – At present Im racing against the Colligate clock of closing down for the weekend. hOPE ALl is well in the blogging world of hyperreality, where if it’s hyperreal I can type what I actually feel and pretend all is gooood in the hoood in real life lol. mUCH LOVE Y’ALL!


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