Oh yes, you know times have got hard when I start typing about shelves ;o)

But fo’ real. Sat in a lecture, being lectured about the “learning centre”, they tell us – all excessively proud that they’re getting us a really nice shelf – so we can have our art journals facing us. Which sounds all very nice… untill in her excitement she announces that it’s costing like 30,000 for the shelf?!!!? I’m like whaaaaaat?

It’s  not so much 30,000 for a shelf as it is – thats how much a house used to cost!?! I mean what! I’d need a mortage to buy a damn shelf!

I mean, maybe even buy a shelf that costs 29,000 and give the students something we can use – not to amke you look good as an institution. Whaaaaatever.

How would you treat a shelf that costs that much? lol. With great care, that’s for sure. Put your house insurance rigggght up wouldn’t it. the shelf costs about as much as our whole home insurance covers. Lol, that’s saying something.

I did have something else – something funny, really funny to blog about – but! In the midst of shelves – I’ve forgot. Ahhh and getting Tutorials around herrrre is like tryna get gold dust!


Till next time, y’all – — – Holla


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