My plan to victoriously conclude in a spiritual revolution has been foiled.

Recently I have had the worst luck with technology – my cell phone has died, the computer I was just on crashed and a blue screen came up and then the machine wouldn’t take my money to credit my printing account. Fucked up right?

Well I took my cellphone breaking moment as something good. I thought, hells yeaaa, just another instrument holding me down to the man and society. Well my mom was like, ” how am I gonna get intouch wid you?” And I’m like… well exactly lol.

So I have been made 2 get another phone by the demands of socety. Furthermore cuz I have no money now – i got a £10 contract free handset thing. So now I am even more contraint than before. Good news though, the guy tells me I have a great credit check. That’s never happened before – I’ve always had bad credit for no reason at all!

Oh other news… Our exhibition has finished now. It took 20 hours to set up – and 20 mins to take it all down! The snow was great, but was freaaaaakin’ freezin’ in that space. And the funnest thing I heard yesterday was from Richie,

I would have him fuck me in the cake fridge

Nice! bet you’re all glad i told you that. It was the image I had in my head that made it so funny.


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