The Freedom Manifesto.

The central premise is that of Jean Paul Sartre’s existential philosophy – we live in an absurd, meaningless universe, but we are free to create our own lives aand our own meaning. It is our own “mind forged manacles” that condemn us to lives of robotic tedium and wage slavery. we should take far more responsibility for our own lives, create mutual support mechanisms, be a lot less materialistic, resist consumerism, and grow our own food. 

Our obsession with owning property has been subconsiously drilled into us. Renting council houses makes you less of a person than someone who owns their own Barrot Box. (I’m a council house renting kid [well my mom rents]). This then is making the case that we are in thrall to the banks who really own our homes. Not us. Why does this attract us? Owning a house does not make your problems go away, if anything, it only creates more. You get laid off – fuck – what about your mortage?

The soul crushing tedium that most paid employment involves is something that scares me, mainly becauseof  the way in which it devours our time on this earth. Time, rules our existence. I told my mom the other day that I couldn’t make my bed because it stops me excessing my Being. She still made me. She doesn’t care about our Being. Just another tedious job that cloggs life. Why even make a bed anyways? It’s always used. Unless that’s how you like it? but I’m not bothered, since I looooove to sleep.

Another thought is – Slavery was NEVER abolished. Why should they pay for our rent, a place to stay, food and medical? They decided that it would be cheaper to rent my friends, to rent our labour.

So with this, I’m writing a manifesto – dunno when and if it will ever get finished but we’ll see.

Embrace freedom, creativity, risk and joy, so that our lives are as rich as they could possibly be, fo shizzle.


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