Finally we have the internet at home in the Donx after 2 months of not having it! It’s been a while! I have to send my many thanks to “Belkin”, who I stole wireless internet off for a good period of 2 + months. And I’ll return the favor one day, if you ever need to steal some wireless.

Now I can update my Myspace, I have now decided that Myspace is again, the way forward… NOT Facebook. I think we all need to jump back on its bandwagon. Myspace is just so much more fun.

Since the exhibition is nearly over (sunday) I can go back to some ‘normality’ actual focusing on my artistic practice. Setting the exhibition up took us 15 straight hours in the gallery space, a man, I can tell you I weren’t lookin’ pretty by the end of it!

Things I need to do 2moz for my studio work/assessment prep. after the funeral and after I have had a BIG LAYIN on Saturday (I swear this week has been harsh)

  •  Make more posters.
  • Start to write a kick ass plan
  • polish my artist statement
  • do at least half of my self assessment form
  • draw some building plans
  • finish the website
  • get a map of sheffo city
  • Plan more interventions.
  • add more to the fake brochure of work
  • stick stuff in my logg book

Will I get at least half of this list done? Hmmm I’m not too sure. I dayum hope I do though.


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