Just my average day!

So everyone knows I’m allll sooo motivated, and all that. Driven. Droved, drived. Whatever. This past week hasn’t hardly seen any of that! I mean yeah sure, I’m dealin’ with death here but that’s no excuse! And Exhibition Theory and Practice has officially taken over any and all elements of my life. I am going to be soooooo glad when all this is over! Because then I can get back to… errr. whatever it was 2 months ago!

I need to finish my Self Assessment sheet, do more work, post up more posters, finish my log books and write more reviews, finish writing about the Transmission symposium, get my book of work printed, Find a really cool way to exhibit my work, edit the the work that I want to show from all the masses of it… and finish the other half of my essay. I’ve got just under 2,000 words – but best make it 1, 500 words cuz I can garantee about 400 of them are shite :oP

My average day looks something like this:

This is me looking my best; asleep – quiet – cute. It’s probably around about 9:30am if I don’t have to be anywhere.


I’ll snooze till about 10:30. Then get mad that it’s like 11:30 by the time I get to my studio. Ahh well!

All day I sit and chat, and chat and sit – I’ll occasionally use the computer room – checking my mail because I’m not really expecting anything at all. Then I’ll pretend to be really arty and pretensious and read some art reviews online, or some witty article ripping into biannales, andplan my next dream trip to New York. Occassionally I use the library, where I read the Empire magazine to plan what ace movies I’m going to see when I don’t come in on Friday with my Unlimited Cineworld Card. I’ll pick u some arty and architecture magazines. Read them but mostly look at the pictures with the exception of Art Monthly which hardly has any pictures and no colour. And then I’ll pretend to read the Guardian – and then i’ll read G2. I’ll put on a meeting either streetform or contemporary art as dialogueand then if its a reallllllllllll good day, i’ll go into photography or print and actually do somework. i’ll check my email againnn, just before i leave between the hours of 6-8:30 (sometimes i’ll have art and philosophy till 9:00pm)

And then I’ll go home: make something shit to eat and then do my real work – and socialise with my housemates. Do abit of gossiping – watch a movie – and more work which takes me up to about 2 am. and it all starts again.


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