Sex and the City movie

I have been awaiting the movie for the 3 years it’s been said to be made in. And even though everyone I encounter can’t believe that I am a hardcore Sex and the City fan, it’s one of my guilty secrets (along with House and Ugly Betty) . I’ve seen 2 trailers at the movie theatre but went out to find one that lets on more about the storylines involved in the movie… and I can tell you it looks better than I expected. I mean I thought that it looked aload of shit with the previous 2 trailers – but i Was still going to embrace on the journey because I love the series so much.

Most think that it’s a girly show- but I can tell you it’s like really diluted philosophy and I can’t give 2 shits about shoes and Prada, but I can appreciate the morals of friendship and New York CITY ! Hells yeaaah. I felt like I can connect with these characters even though my lifestyle, morals, interests are completely different.

So here’s a trailer for all those who haven’t seen the decent movie synopsis.

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